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Indian Handcrafted Jewelry

Indian jewelry consists of gold fillets and earrings, bead necklaces and metal and pottery bangles which was made in the Indus Valley before 1500 BC. Then there were sculptures of men and women wearing heavy necklaces, bracelets, girdles and earrings. Today Indian's in the West make enameled, soldered, granulated and filigreed work of great refinement. Some work like silver filigree is produced best in Cuttack, Kashmir, and Bengal. Some good works that were made are placed in the Victoria and Albert Museum like the crescent shaped gold brooch that had the granulated gold balls and pendants and gold and enameled turban ornaments that are from Jaipur, Rajputana. There are other jewelry that is made in the south of India that is used in Hindu mythology. Other stuff like the gold and silver jewelry of Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand is also related to Indian and Chinese work.

In India gems are known to have special healing power. Most of their jewelry is made by gems. The power of the gems comes from the earth and the cosmos. The gems are suppose to re-establish the link between the soul and the gems which will help reach the goal of purification.

India has all sorts of different jewelry styles and designs because they have many foreigners who come and go all the time. Eventually these different designs and styles become part of India's culture. One of the main jewelry type that has see a lot of change through the years is the ornamental jewelry. The ones who added glory to the rich heritage of Indian ornament jewelry were the Mughals. The Mughals had already influenced the Persians before they influenced the Indian's in wearing silver. The thing with silver was that Kings in the upper class countries had accepted silver, only next to gold. Silver jewelry was then introduced to as wearing it on the body and silver was then given the same styles and shapes as any other jewelry so that it could be worn.

Indian ethnic jewelry is delicate with gemstones of amethyst, quartz, jasper and more. Indians can place coin jewelry onto their clothing. Their clothing coins and beads are similar to the middle eastern clothing jewelry.


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